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NEOLAYR is an introduction by Palsons Derma an ISO 22716:2007 Certified Company. The company is also the first company from Eastern India to win the most prestigious and much coveted Quality Excellence Award from IDMA.

Antiseptic Liquid - Disinfecting Facilities Effectively

Antiseptic liquid is one of the most sought products of today especially after the corona virus pandemic hit the entire world. These disinfectant liquids are essential for keeping facilities and people in them safe and healthy. When used in a proper manner as directed, antiseptic liquid can help prevent the spread of influenza, cold and other contagious diseases. However, if the proper method is not followed you can experience disinfectant disasters!

Let us check out how to use and apply antiseptic disinfectant liquids properly to protect the health of those in your facility.

  • Using Microfiber Mops And Cleaning Cloths

Mops and cleaning cloths made of synthetic microfiber have a resistance to quat binding, which is a phenomenon that occurs when active ingredients like quaternary ammonium chloride gets absorbed into fabrics. Quats are positively charged ions and natural textiles like cotton are negatively charged and hence get attracted to each other easily. On the other hand microfiber resists the quats effectively. Therefore, whenever using quat-based disinfectants, using microfiber mops and cloths are highly recommended.

Neolayr Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid

  • Using Clear Solution

Adding antiseptic liquid disinfectant to your mop bucket? Then make sure to change it often enough to avoid the re-spreading of bacteria and dirt over floors. Always make sure to use clear solution for ensuring the integrity of disinfectant liquid and preventing cross-contamination.

  • Target the Hot Spots

Bacteria often double their numbers under the right conditions within a few minutes on the hot spots. Hot spots are those surfaces that are touched frequently like door knobs, elevator buttons, light switches and handrails. Such spots have a tendency to accumulate germs more quickly and hence these spots need to disinfected more often. Also, do not forget the restroom surfaces like toilet and faucet handles, hand dryers, and likewise.

Antiseptic Liquid

  • Before Disinfecting Make The Surface Dirt-Free

Before applying disinfectants make sure to clean the surface well by removing visible dirt on them. Some disinfectants are there that have been tested for tolerating organic soil for certain pathogens that make them great for healthcare settings.

  • Read the Label Before Using

Before using and applying disinfectants make sure to read the label to ensure that it is safe to use and has the ingredients that can eradicated bacteria, viruses and germs effectively. NEOLAYR antiseptic disinfectant liquid contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution that is effective for protection against germs which can cause infection and illness.

  • Concentrating on the Right Ratio

Concentrating the disinfectants in the exact ratio indicated on the label is a must to take the best advantage of it. Any more or less water added can turn out to be ineffective.

  • Choose the Right Antiseptic Liquid

Look for the effectiveness, kill/dwell time, safety and ease of use while buying an antiseptic liquid. Buying the right product will help you in achieving the hygiene of the highest standards.


NEOLAYR Antiseptic Liquid is a concentrated antiseptic solution that provides protection against germs which can cause infection and illness and can also be used as household disinfectant on household surfaces and in laundry.

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